Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is cancelled until further notice because I can’t lift my legs from the hip down.  After performing Mark Asanovich’s personal training regime, as administered by current Smelly Pirate Hooker Queen Angelica Brotherton, I can’t move my legs.  Not that it would matter if I could move my legs, because I also can’t move my arms.  Good deal.

In other news, I’ve agreed to be Jitsu Claus for Christmas, mostly because I’m the only BJJ guy in the gym who has a gut.  In truth, I’m also working on a pretty gnarly beard.  Either way, I’m going to be taking gift requests from the nice children, and slapping an arm bar on the naughty children, on the 22nd of December.

I’m off to ice my groin and recover from the workout of destiny so I can do it all again on Saturday.