I have a training partner who is much, much smaller than me, and yet constantly beats me.  It’s not so much demoralizing as it is fodder for motivation.  I’ve got to constantly try new things.  One of her (yes, he’s a she) go-to moves when I get a dominant position is to do this fetal position, balled-up, tight to her chest thing.  I can’t do anything with it.  It’s like a seal pushing a ball around with it’s nose.  I can move her in circles but that’s all.  Until, of course, I discovered the greatest Jiu Jitsu move in all the land.

It’s a combination rib tickle-wet Willey that I call “Open Sesame.”  Works like a charm.  First, you tickle halfway between the armpit and the waist, then you lick your finger and insert it into the closest ear hole.  Viola!  Fetal position defeated.

I’m not promising you won’t get punched in the throat, but your opponent will respond.

In other news, there’s a fight tonight and some of the people from our school are competing.  I’m going to scream loudly.  It’s gonna be ridiculous.  Maybe one day soon (a year maybe?) I might be able to jump in the ring and give it a go.  They have divisions for fat guys, you know.