I did Muay Thai today instead of Jiu Jitsu for two reasons.  First, my knee, toe, back, shoulder, wrist, ribs, and foot arch hurts and I need a break from that shiz.  Second, I wanted to take some breathtaking photos of Jiu Jitsu in action, which can now be seen on the Combat Athletix Facebook page.

I know they took it easy on me in Muay Thai class.  I know this.  However, it was still brutal for the fat kid.  Jab, jab, cross.  Jab, jab, cross, kick, cross.  WTF?  At this point I would tackle a mo-fo and go to Jiu Jitsu just so I could lay down.  Now I understand MMA. They don’t go to the ground to gain any advantage, they do it to take a nap.  It all makes sense.  My new fat kid fight strategy goes like this:  Jab, jab, cross, tackle, lay upon opponent, take a nap.

I just thought I might point out that I’m undefeated as a professional fighter.  0-0.  Also, what I’m doing is far superior to what you’re doing.

On another note, I’m down like 17 lbs since I started Jiu Jitsu.  Now, that being said, I was up like 19 lbs before I started Jiu Jitsu, so the net effect is that I’m two pounds worse off than I was.  If you think of it that way, it’s kinda depressing.  So, for the sake of my mood, we’ll just say I’ve lost a bunch of weight and ignore the stupid weigh ins on the sidebar.