I technically should start over since I haven’t been to the gym in twelve days and I haven’t eaten a clean meal in a week.  But I’m not going to.  Why?  Because, dammit.  I don’t want to start over.  I just want to get back on the freaking horse and keep it moving.  I just want to find the motivation, from wherever it might come, to go to the gym and eat right.  I want to so bad.

So, I’m claiming that my struggles are at an end.  I’m just going to assume that I’m going to wake up tomorrow and be motivated about eating right and working out, and that I’m going to get back that fire I had a few weeks ago about losing weight.  Because, and there’s really no getting around this, if I don’t turn the tide right now I’ll probably fall off a cliff and regain all the weight I lost (and then some) and it will be another five years before I have the heart to try again.

So, that’s it.  Tomorrow it’s on.