Encourage me, buttholes.  Geez.  What does a guy have to do to get some peer support around here?

I got a new, more sustainable diet from Dennis Pettit, so I’m feeling like I can make this dietary situation last for a lifetime.  It’s still relatively low in carbs, but it adds in some of the right carbs so that I can keep going.  Big thanks to Dennis, my Safeside brother, for taking the time out of his schedule to do that for me.  Also, best of luck to him on his bodybuilding competition coming up in a couple months.

To answer the plethora of questions asked of me, I haven’t actually weighed myself this week yet.  I’m planning to wait until Saturday.  You see, I have this weird calculus running through my brain at all times based upon things like how much I weight.  In my own mind, dieting and exercise is only worth it if I see results.  If I were to weight myself in the middle of a week of hard dieting and find that I had only lost, say, half a pound, I might be tempted to light my hair on fire and dive into a huge pile of pasta, back-stroking in yummy delicious bolognese and shucking off the cares of the dieting world.  Since it’s exceedingly difficult to get spaghetti sauce out of your ears, I think it’s better if I just don’t weigh myself in the middle of the week.  I’m sure you understand.