I get the sneaking suspicion that low carb diets are good for your weight but bad for your cholesterol.  LOL.

Nevertheless, I feel like I’m making some progress.  Once upon a time I had fat rolls (plural).  Then, I got so fat that I had a singular, gigantic fat lump.  Now, I’m happy to report that I have fat rolls again.  Sweet.  How is that a victory, you may be asking?  Only somebody who has had a singular fat lump could really understand.  Try tying your shoes with that thing in the way.  At least fat rolls can be moved.  They’re…..modular.

Also, I have significantly less back fat.  Now, back fat is your body’s way of compensating for oversized mitties (man titties).  It keeps the balance, if you know what I mean.  Since my mitties have been shrinking, it only makes sense that my back fat would dissipate.  Sweet.  However, I took a before photo…and another photo yesterday…..and I can’t really tell the difference.  I would show you the pics to prove my point, but I’m afraid you would never read this blog again.  I’ll just wait until the end and take the obligatory picture with my “fat pants.”

Anyway.  George Foreman steak is calling my name.