My diet for this “Lose 7 lbs in 7 days” is basically a low carb diet.  I’m eating off of the George Foreman grill about every three hours.  My metobolism is a raging beast, and I get hungry again about thirty minutes after I eat.  This is exactly what I’m going for, since it means that I’m being successful at my goal of using the big muscle groups as fat burning machines.  Basically, I treat leg, back, chest, and tricep workouts as fat burning engines.  Hit them hard at the gym and you start the engine.  My cardio just serves to basically put me in calorie deficit.  The muscle groups are doing the heavy lifting of weight loss.  Trust me on this.

However, the down side of this regimen is that it takes me to the land of milk and cookies.  In my head, at least.  My dreams consist of large bowls of pasta.  I literally salivate when commercials come on with french fries or baked potatoes, or pizza (really hate the pizza commercials).  I was on minute 52 of cardio when I had a day dream that I was running butt naked and diving into a pool of wing sauce from Zaxby’s.  I would literally sell my body for a plate of Sonny’s french fries right about now.  If this keeps up you might see me on the corner with high heels and a mini skirt and a sign reading: “Will perform sexual favors for potato chips.”  Siiiiiigggggghhhhh….how far the mighty have fallen.