So, I can neither confirm or deny the consumption of massive quantities of Mellow Mushroom Pizza at midnight-thirty this morning.  I can, however, confirm a week of strict dieting and balls-out physical conditioning beginning right now.  This very second.  Here’s the plan:

If it doesn’t come from a chicken or a green plant, I’m not eating it.  With the possible exception of Acai Berry (been a little clogged up if you know what I mean).  If it isn’t comprised of hydrogen and oxygen, arranged in a particular molecular structure known as H2O, I’m not drinking it.  I’ma cardio like a mad man (yes, I just used cardio as a verb).  I’m going to take the 320s by storm.  Look out haters, I’m loosing the venerable, scary, utterly uncompromising Juan Verde.

7 days.  7 lbs.  That’s the goal.  Let’s do this.