So….what is it about dudes that make them act like they are bodybuilders every time they touch a dumbell?  You know what I’m talking about.  The guy who can’t be more than a buck-o-five who walks around with the arms extended slightly from the sides, fists in a ball, as if their chest was entirely too massive for their arms to rest naturally at their side.  Makes me laugh. Especially when their build is so slight that they can reach around themselves and hold hands behind their back.  It’s like some sort of douche bag mating ritual.  It’s like a peacock in full retard mode, spreading it’s tail plumage for the world to see….only his plumage is really a bunch of turkey feathers.

Anyway, I digress.   Weighed in at 330 today, which is excellent because it means that I don’t have to run a muck.  I was about ready to murder anyone who weighed less than me, which is nearly everyone, so that I could be the skinny guy for a change.  You see, it’s all relative.  If all of the skinny people are dead, then fat is the new skinny.

I managed to break through 331 lbs by doing 50 minutes of cardio three days in a row, along with a leg workout, a back workout, and a chest/triceps workout respectively.  So, for whatever reason, that pound was really hard to lose.  Some people are probably saying “you lost one pound, so what?”  Well, it’s a big deal to me.  I need to get into the 320s ASAP.  My eventual goal is 250, maybe less, we’ll see what my body fat looks like when I get to 250.