I had to miss almost two weeks in the gym because of a persistent sickness.  I got back in the gym two days ago and tried to start off at the level I was at before I left.  I did chest and triceps, and felt really low on energy.  Then, I tried to do 50 minutes of cardio because that’s what I’ve been doing.  I nearly died before it was over.  I made it to the end, but the next day I really wished I hadn’t.

It’s funny how taking a week or two off puts you back at the beginning.  The body is so finicky about things like that.  Also, I feel fat.  I know from the scale that I really haven’t gained any weight, but the muscles I was starting to build quickly reverted to gelatin.  I’ve got more jiggle than a Bill Cosby commercial right now.

I’ll tell you what else I have.  Excuse my french.  I have nut trauma.  I actually was doing a circuit in the gym yesterday, moving rapidly between several machines to get that total body, high cardio, maniac man thing going on.  I accidentally jumped onto the lat row machine and sat on my balls.  True story.  Lefty got trapped under my leg, and the circuit came to an abrupt stop.  Not wanting to cause a scene, I just sat still for like twenty minutes.  It hurt bad.  Beware the nut trauma when doing circuits.  You have been warned.