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January 2012

Death to the Resolutions

Don’t these people know that they’re monopolizing my maniac machine?  It’s mine.  I know I only go to the gym once a month, but when I go  I use the same machine.  Always the same machine.  Third one from the left, next to the last row.  Now, since everybody has started the “This year I’m really going to get fit…” stuff, I can’t get my machine.  It’s maddening.

Since it’s January 12th, I’m hoping that many will have quit by now.  I’m seriously going to try to get back in there and make it a habit now.  If I have to drop kick  somebody off of my maniac machine I will.  You have been warned, people.


Miscellaneous Whining

I really hate the gym.  I hate eating right too.  That’s probably why I’m fat.

On another note, why is it that every time you decide to eat right and work out and lose weight, some ass has to point out how fat you are and sap your motivation?  I think there is some covert organization that operates behind the scenes and employs random douche bags to appear at a moments notice and say retarded stuff to keep me from going to the gym.  They’re all like, “Hey honey, let’s go to a movie”….and the dude is like “Sorry babe, I’m the douche bag on call tonight, and we have to keep that fat bastard from losing weight.”  Sigh.

Back on the Wagon (Again)

So I’ve decided to get back on the weight loss wagon. Call it a new year’s resolution. And, let me tell you b, the freaking wagon ain’t happy.  It’s all like “get off me you fat bastard!”

Anyway. More to follow.

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