So, I have decided that I will be travelling to Kenya and Uganda with my Pastor later this year for a missions trip.  Since the area where we will be ministering is austere and mountainous, and since it would detract from the Gospel if I had to make the natives carry me up the hill, I have decided to undertake a missions fitness challenge.

I started day one of the missions fitness challenge with a life-like training scenario.  I put on some hiking boots, a columbia shirt, and a backpack, and then I asked my lovely wife to chase me through the woods while throwing spears and shouting in swahili.  As it turns out, I wasn’t quite prepared for the challenge. 

After about fifteen steps I twisted my ankle, fell on my face, and got impaled by several spears from my loving wife (who apparently took her role a little too seriously), who subsequently beat me with a stick and challenged me to “pray now, sissy!”  It was tragic.

Tomorrow, back to the gym for some maniac machine action.  Poor horse is getting awfully tired of me jumping on again and off again.