701px-SausageBiscuit1I was driving by McDonalds this morning on my way to the gym, and I thought about how awesome it would be to get like fifteen sausage biscuits and make a little biscuit bed out of it and roll around for a few minutes in greasy goodness….ahem, anyway.  I decided to channel my hunger into some Fat Guy Haiku:

What Greasy Goodness

Your Fat Content Courses Through

Washed In Streams Of Grease

Today I managed to finish about 45 minutes of cardio without vomiting.  It’s the little things that keep me going folks.  I started this little experiment at 317 lbs, and I weighed in this morning at 312.  Hopefully I’ll keep it moving in the right direction so long as I can avoid succumbing to the top secret fat people mind rays emanating from McDonalds.  You thought you had everybody fooled, didn’t you Ronald McDonald!?  Oh no….I’ve got my eye on you!